Acuitas Enterprise is an off-the-shelf Enterprise class system designed to meet the needs of a modern optical retail chain. Our driving philosophy is to enable each individual store to perform at its optimum, while enabling state-of-the-art centralised, focused, management control of the chain as a whole.

There are broadly 3 groups of products which can be deployed to serve the needs of the large optical retail chain; Bespoke software, Generic EPoS system customised for the Optical retail sector and Off-the-shelf software which is developed specifically for the needs of large optical retail chains.

Acuitas Enterprise is the most cost effective, business enabling solution, since it has been developed from day one to serve the needs of large optical retail chains. From the clinical capability of the store side application, to the business tools in the back office, and the interfaces which exist to both clinical equipment and accounting and ERP systems, Acuitas Enterprise is a comprehensive solution.

The choice of Acuitas store-level application will depend on the environment in which it is to operate, which is driven by the business model operating in the chain and the level of clinical eye testing within the stores. Acuitas is localised to many languages and jurisdictions, which makes it ideal for chains which transcend borders. The enterprise aspect of the application assists the control, optimisation and visibility to manage the overall business. The system is highly configurable, which makes it very flexible to changing business strategies or operating model within stores.

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Main Features

This is only a selection of the main features.

A list of features will never be an accurate representation of what Acuitas Enterprise will be for your Group. It's just the first line in the new chapter of your IT retail infrastructure.

To see exactly what Acuitas Enterprise could do for you, please contact Ocuco. We will analyse your requirements and determine

  • Central Control
    • Stock
    • Catalogues
    • Recall
    • Marketing
  • Information Transfer
    • Patients
    • Stock
    • Store to Head Office
    • Store to Store
  • Efficient Central Processing of
    • Patient banking transactions
    • Patient Recall or Reminders
    • Contact Lens Subscriptions
    • Supplier Orders
    • Marketing material distribution
    • Appointments
  • Multi-practice Patient Search
  • Validated Dispensing
    • Stock / Inventory
    • Catalogue
    • Till
  • Contact Lens Schemes (Subscriptions)
  • Other Enterprise Features
    • Recall
    • Marketing
    • Direct Debits Payments banking transactions
    • Contact Lens Schemes
    • Stock and Catalogue
      • Stock Transfer
      • Cross-practice search
      • Head office setup
    • Diary: centralised booking of appointments

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Acuitas Enterprise Head Office

There are quite a number of functions that are carried out at the local practice which require a distribution of skills in all practices. However processing this information at head office for all practices can be much more efficient.

  • Recall
  • Marketing
  • Direct Debits Payments - banking transactions
  • Contact Lens Schemes
  • Stock and Catalogue
  • Stock Transfer
  • And many more.

Diary - centralised booking of appointmentsThere are a number of key advantages to centralising all store data at the headoffice. Over and above the self-evident ones like control, functionality, distribution of changes and so on, others that are worthnoting include:

Central backup

Because all a storer's data (or virtually all, with individual organisations deciding if images are to be replicated, and with the store's audit trail information not being replicated) is located on the head office database as well as in the store, it provides for a centralised backup.

This means that, should the unlikely sequence of events occur which would cause the loss of both the store server and a loss of its offsite backups, then the store and its primary data (patients, clinical information, retail data and so on) can all be reconstructed by pulling it down from the head office server. This significantly reduces the possibility of a situation resulting in the complete loss of a store's data.

However, Enterprise should not be seen as a way to remove the need for store data disaster recovery.Interfaces with other head office systems

Interfaces with other head office systems

The installation of Acuitas Enterprise can also facilitate the integration or interface with other third party head office systems; this in itself can provide a defining reason to some organisations when deciding on the purchase of the system. Examples of these third party systems include SAP, ERP systems, data warehouses, or possibly even data mining tools for data and trend analyses. Without a central location of all data for all stores, this type of integration would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

As an example, the organisation may use SAP for data warehousing, inventory control, central ordering and so on. If this were the case, then Ocuco could develop custom interfaces to SAP whereby SAP can deliver stock control or other types of information into a set of 'interface tables' (essentially a shared location in the head office database between the two systems). This information can then be processed by Ocuco procedures to distribute the updates to all stores. Equally, this data integration could be performed in the other direction - potentially with more benefits - with all sales, orders and other information populated at the stores being fed into interface data tables which can then be available for other head office systems to process (the organisation may have a separate central system for patient management and central recall, for instance).

Integration with other systems is not delivered 'out of the box' by Ocuco, as the integration required will differ (oftentimes substantially) from business to business depending on their needs and the systems in use, etc.. Integration will therefore be treated as a bespoke project whereby Ocuco and the enterprise customer would carry out the analysis, design and implementation of the necessary interfaces, tailored specifically to suit the needs of that customer.

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There is much more to Enterprise...

...than would fit this website. In particular, there is a lot of information that is not for public consumption, and that would only pertain to your particular requirements.

Ocuco has a great expertise in Enterprise requirements analysis and roll-outs, in the UK , Ireland and Continental Europe. Make the most of that experience capital by contacting Ocuco with your requirements.

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