Acuitas Optical

Acuitas Optical is the ultimate Patient Relationship Management for independent opticians. Like all Ocuco products, Acuitas Optical is designed to give you the following:

  • Optimised practice workflow
  • Reduced costs
  • Time savings
  • Increased sales

Our aim is to make your life easier by helping you make more money and save costs and time.

Acuitas Optical is designed for the modern optical practice where till functions are operated independently from the patient journey.

If you require a fully integrated EPoS till, validated dispensing and stock control, check out Acuitas Retail

Acuitas can help you maximise your sales by providing you with a means of enhancing the quality of service you can provide. It has been described by users as 'The bow on the box'.

  • Appointment to collection in one application
  • Comprehensive Examinations with graphics
  • Thorough Patient Recall – using all modes of communication, letter, SMS, email and phone
  • Marketing tool for effective target communications with your patients
  • Management visibility performance throughout the practice from people to products
  • Links with Fundus and anterior cameras allowing you to share expensive equipment
  • Links with Focimeters, phoroptors, autorefractors and tonometers for quick data entry
  • Paperless saves space, time and bottom line costs

Acuitas Optical is recommended for the independent optician with one or two consulting rooms who:

  • Want their practice to run more efficiently and paperlessly.
  • Desire to be at the leading edge
  • Want to enable staff to provide a better level of patient service while optimising the use of their own time
  • Welcome low – burden communication with patients

Acuitas Optical is also a must for practices where it is necessary to:

  • Share expensive diagnostic equipment.
  • Ensure that patient data is secure.

The Patient Journey

As a patient travels through your practice, here is how Acuitas makes the most of your information by facilitating all the aspects of the patient journey.

The wheel below shows the full Patient Journey. Acuitas Optical manages all aspects of the journey from pre – screening to completion. However, if you want to integrate in your journey the till, validated dispensing and stock control functions, you want Acuitas Retail

The Optical Patient Journey

Spectacle Dispensing

Easy lens & frame selection

  • Fully validated integration with patient Rx – eliminates transcription and transposition errors.
  • Multiple quotations per patient, saves time with indecisive patients
  • Each dispense can be validated against the original or modified Rx automatically.
  • Each dispense can be based on a selected frame that may or may not be held in stock; can also be used to dispense re – glazes (with patient’s own frame clearly identified on the resulting order).
  • Frames can be ordered at point of dispense – a discrete warning is provided if the frame to be ordered has been discontinued.
  • Multiple spectacles can be part of the same dispense.
  • Full reporting based on dispense types: Exam ratios per OO, Staff sales per day/month, Prescription sunglasses sale percentage etc.
  • Displays favoured pairs of lenses in descending order of cost, together with descriptive / sales information, maximising dispensing value.
  • Allows multiple coatings and tints per dispense.
  • Allows dispensing of individual lenses, including different lenses for each eye, e.g. varifocal in one eye, balance sv in the other.

Powerful sales – support

  • Estimates include the value of vouchers issued; can also incorporate additional frame discounts for NHS patients.
  • Optional lens pricing according to NHS voucher values.
  • Multiple discounts per dispense, including itemised discounts off frame, lenses, extras and overall.
  • Automatic calculation of suggested deposit – maximises cash flow.
  • NHS and private sight test fees added automatically from the examination, ensuring that they cannot be overlooked.
  • Complete VAT handling on all sale items.
  • Complete refund and exchange handling on all dispenses.
  • Easy to configure promotions and discounts.
  • Staff reporting on all dispense activities.
  • Full dispense history for each patient can be viewed at any time; the sales history includes details of all goods and services supplied; any refunds given, and any discounts given and reasons for them.