Acuitas Retail

Acuitas Retail - The Ultimate for Opticians and Optometrists With Vision

You are an ophthalmic optician with an eye for business. You want your practice to be managed using the utmost business principles and you want your patients, your custoemrs and your staff to contribute to its success, and to your success.

You need a software solution for your ophthalmic optician practice that will allow you to manage, control and administer the full patient journey, from first contact all the way through the dispense, handover, delivery and payments.

But Acuitas Retail is much more than a patient relationship management with an EPoS till, is a fully featured optical inventory software.

You also want your software to manage stocks, inventory, validate the lens dispensing with stocks available and optimising the handover process, maximising dispense value.

You have found Acuitas Retail.

Acuitas Retail is the reference against which you should measure all other software packages.

Acuitas Retail rich feature list, ease of use, reliability and dependability, comtributed to have it regarded as the gold standard in the UK and Irish optical markets.

Acuitas Retail can also be further enriched with optional modules and add-ons.

Patient Details

Acuitas Optical's patient record is a networked information source for all patient data. It seamlessly integrates with recall enabling the generation of timely and personalised correspondence. The patient record contains comprehensive demographics. Information such as next recall date, next appointment, and balance outstanding is immediately visible. Associations between, patients of the same family or employees from the same company can be created. Warnings will pop-up when entering a patient record if specific data is entered into a warning category e.g. Patient has allergies or is diabetic.

Key Features

  • Full demographic information
  • Postcode Lookup
  • Patient Merge
  • Many other 'Quick Entry' features
  • User definable searchable fields
  • GP and referral information, lookup list with all the GPs details for referral letter merge
  • Capture face picture with a web-cam
  • Print / Review Claim forms
  • Last refraction always visible
  • Other patient pages; Multiple contact and delivery addresses, Full communication history, previous visits detailed information, Recall and marketing page with lifestyle and occupation details, family and guardian relationships and links to other patient records


  • Comprehensive but not overcrowded, user can see all information required
  • Warnings and alerts gives notice of issues with the patient i.e. wheelchair access required
  • Patients next appointment on visible on screen for immediate access, can access and change appointment directly from here
  • Patients full appointment history visible from this screen which allows you to track repeat DNA patients



Acuitas is famous for its track record in clinical recording. Ocuco’ s customers have been using paperless clinical records since 1993. Hundreds of optometrists log into Acuitas each day and happily complete paperless clinical examinations within their normal time frame.

It is important that an application with clinical records:

  • Is user friendly with configurable work flow routines and easy data entry
  • Has configurable exams (per user or and per practice)
  • Has graphic area for OO’ s own drawings
  • Has secure audit trail
  • Is really paperless, securely and with audit trail
  • Does not add any additional time on to allocated exam slot
  • Is complete History

Key Features

  • Self learning lists
  • Entire list of questions is configurable for each user, user role or practice.
  • Large notes area if required
  • Normal, Problem and Information radial buttons which can be used with mouse or key board
  • Can be used as pre-test page with superset for OO view

Key Benefits

  • View of patient's history over all time on one page
  • Self learning lists allow consistency across OOs
  • Checklist act as reminders or triggers for questions

Macular Grid or Amsler Grid or Hess Chart

Key Features

  • Graphic tool with colours, pen types and sizes, word art type style tools
  • Use built in sketches or scan in your own

Key Benefits

  • Use as attachment to referral letter
  • Ask patient to complete while looking at screen
  • Allows better interaction with patient as you can show them result on screen and changes over time

The exam notes and graphic

By default there are two exam notes areas called External and Ophthalmoscopy but it is possible to configure a user defined tab which will have configurable exam notes as well as a graphic area. User defined sketches can be added to the lists of images to choose from. Some users have set up their own accommodation and convergence tab while other who specialise in children have set up colourimetry section.

Key Features

  • No typing skills required
  • Graphic tool for pictorial record of outcome, easy to use
  • Fully configurable examination notes for each user if desired
  • Normal, problem and information radial buttons for fast but comprehensive data entry
  • Speedy data entry features such as; self-learning lists, right eye to left eye copy etc
  • Large area for text entry
  • Integrated with ‘ workflow ’option for routine examinations
  • Easy to use, optometrists are often up and running after twenty minutes training
  • Multimedia training available for training locums

Key Benefits

  • Empowers the paperless clinical record
  • Enables consistency of examination
  • Aids the user in complying with council guidelines
  • Gives comparable templates for reviewing results over all visits
  • Graphic reduces that reliance on wordy descriptions


Key Features

  • Stock control, stock takes both mirrored and rolling
  • Stock valuations available at all times

Key Benefits

  • Visibility of fast moving stock
  • Every saleable item in practice tracked



All information is now available for the user to receive payment.

It important a Till system will:

  • Fully integrate with the dispensing module and the product files
  • Be user friendly and intuitive
  • Aid the retail process

Key Features

  • Ease of use – Simple and fast transactions
  • Fully integrated with full patient journey
  • VAT receipts available
  • Touch-screen models available

Key Benefits

  • Line by line breakdown of each transaction
  • Till receipts generated on the spot
  • All items can be scanned by barcode, which reduces data entry errors and speeds up the sale
  • Detailed reports available to show fast moving stock, cash book, VAT reports and many more
  • Configurable reporting also available