Ocuco's offering would not be complete if it was limited to practices - a lot of the benefits of having software installed in the practice are realised when the full patient journey is controlled by computer systems - including transmitting the order, fulfilling it and driving the machines that cut and surface the lenses

Labman is the UK's market leading integrated ophthalmic laboratory management system, designed to allow you to run your laboratory with speed and efficiency. Labman runs a wide range of systems throughout the lab, and it is highly configurable to your individual needs.

Labman is currently in use in some of the largest and most sophisticated prescription labs and glazing workshops across the UK and continental Europe.

Innovations Lab Software automates prescription lens processing by providing a powerful set of functions designed to manage the process and business of lens manufacturing. Innovations is modular, custom configurable to suit the specific operational needs and workstation arrangements of any size laboratory, and designed to run on single PC or over a network.

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